The Foundation of Who We Are


Can you imagine moving into a new community and not knowing anyone?  Most of us can relate to that question of where should I take my family for the best services in town?  Who’s the best pediatrician, where’s the hospital, what dry cleaners should I use, where is the best burger place?  And the list goes on and on…you are looking for all new everything and have no one to turn to for advice!  That is where Your New Neighborhood comes in!

Your New Neighborhood was created for 3 reasons; to help the new homeowner get acquainted in their new community in a personal way. To help the business owner reach their best potential new customer, patient or client and to give those that long to run and own their own business but simply do not have the means to do so, an outlet  to make it happen!


A Message from the Founder


devohn-about2As the founder of Your New Neighborhood I have spoke to countless business owners who all told me the best form of marketing that worked for them was “word of mouth”.

I also have seen and talked to individuals who wanted the personal rewards & freedom of owning their own business but simply needed to find the best match for them that didn’t require their life savings to make it happen!

I have now greeted thousands of new homeowners that are asking all the questions any family would in a situation where they need “all new everything” and needed to know where to go for the best services. We have joined the 3 and created Your New Neighborhood!”

We look forward to helping you!

– Devohn Pugh, Founder & CEO

The Foundation of Who We Are

So if you are the…

  • Business who wants to reach new homeowners in a way that works- go to Communities Served
  • If you are the individual looking for the right career- go to Careers
  • New homeowners look no further for the best business in town –go to Communities Served