Southlake/Colleyville/Grapevine, TX


Southlake is all new. Only fragments of the little rural town it used to be remain. And most of those have For Sale signs in front of them.. With the Southlake Town Square at it’s hub, it has become a retail heaven. Location and opportunity continue to attract national chains, franchises and professionals. The schools are excellent and kid friendly is the order of the day in this bustling and thriving community.

What once was a lake town, Grapevine has become a destination city with vineyards, shopping and entertainment to suit everyage and interest. It seems to attract those who love any of the above, easy access to Dallas, and the outdoors.  There is always something FUN going on in Grapevine and nostalgia too, starting with the Vintage Railroad Cars that run back and forth to the Stockyards in Fort Worth.

Colleyville has and is still evolving from the dairy community it once was to a town with sophisticated charm and elegance. Although the homes can get quite massive, there’s less pretense than you find in newer areas. Folks are very family oriented. ┬áCommunity involvement and benevolent causes are high on the priority list. The folks are friendly and the dining choices are amazing.

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